Cast and Crew

Each of the characters appearing on this blog have form and substance of a sort, somewhat fragile at first but growing stronger over time. Each toon has in fact a personality of his or her own, in many ways immutable so that a gender, faction, or race change for any of them would be a traumatic process at best and a deal-breaker at worst.

This is not to say that I RP. In fact, I very much do not RP. Within the confines of the blog, though, each toon is given more room for expression, and can incorporate things from in-game activities into the personality set of the character. Which is to say, Grimmtooth's bouncy and sometimes buffoonish characteristics are directly derived from some of his more hilarious faux pas in-game, and Orlee's over-the-top crazy-ish personality derives from ... well, just look at her. Callisto with hooves, I'm telling you.

The overarching story of the "team" has also developed over time, from just being a collective diary to the current incarnation of a de-facto "family" formed around common loss. Instead of this being more of a "command center" for the operatives to gather at, it's now a home, and each considers the other, in a very real sense, "family."  Some of the ties are by blood, and others ... go deeper.

Having said this, these are the voices in my head, and they do occasionally change in tone and nature, just like real people do when stuff happens. At times like that, I just let them do the steering and keep good notes.  There are many more stories left to tell.

I've included OOC notes as footnotes.


The patriarch of the blog, the "main" (at least originally), and namesake of the blog itself. Of the Wildhammer clan, displaced from his ancestral home in Grim Batol, took his family fortune and used it to provide a home for other displaced individuals, an extended family, as it turned out.

To say he is a bit of a scamp is putting it mildly. His guild invented the "huntard hat" to commemorate some of his more memorable adventures in the past. His GM commented that as far as she was concerned, a giant chicken was just about the most perfect mount for Grimm she could have ever thought of.  He loves to hunt, he loves to fish, he loves to raid, and he loves his guildies.  If the dance studio was up, he'd learn the Macarena.

Currently resides in Ironforge, with an apartment that provides housing for all of his "family" and affords a good view across the Wetlands to his original family's homeland. His original hunting ice tiger, Random, has been retired and currently keeps watch over the apartment in Ironforge, where he often goes by the nom de plume "Surprisibus! Surprisibus!"


Flora's a creature of the city, and always has been. Growing up in Lorderon's back alleys didn't prepare her for the Scourge invasion, but it didn't hurt when she relocated to the orphanage in Stormwind. How she came under Grimm's gaze is an interesting story, but it did set her up for a unique career path. Where most Human warlocks learned at the elbow of the Stormwind tutors, she hooked up with a Gnome teacher named Milo, who had and still has friends in low places.

As a result of her upbringing, she's a bit of a handful at times, and her mouth constantly gets her in trouble. Sometimes she's even right.

While her main domicile is in Grimm's apartment in Ironforge, her main base of operations is in Stormwind, often right under the noses of those that oppose her and Milo's mechanizations.


Illume's origins are a little blurry; Grimmtooth came across her in Silverpine, and apparently she hails from behind the Greymane Wall - she became trapped in Silverpine when the Gate was sealed off unexpectedly. Despite the fact that she was a little older than the average adoptee, the clan made her welcome for the duration.

Illume is a very private person, or maybe a better term might be "introverted", preferring the comforts of Stormwind and Dalaran's libraries to the rigors of an adventurer's life. Still, those herbs don't come to Stormwind on their own, and relics acquired personally carry far less of a price.


One of the generation of elves unhomed by the Warsong offensive, Jasra's been through a few transitions in her life. Early on she was fascinated by the smiths of Ironforge and actually took up the trades of mining and smithing for quite a while before called into service as a healer for the guild.

Once engaged in that endeavor, the more priestly professions of enchanting and tailoring were picked up with the same zeal. In the time since she has been called into service, she has not only risen to the occasion, but actually exceeded the expertise and experience of everyone in the clan, even Grimmtooth.

As she has become more confident of her abilities she has also taken on an apparent role as House Mother for the clan, being instrumental in spearheading the effort to find and return Faiella to the fold when she disappeared during the Second Scourge Invasion, and generally making everyone's welfare her business.

Being a healer does take its toll, of course, which has changed her outlook from wide-eyed wonder to an occasional dip into cynicism that would make Flora flinch. She lists amongst her heroes names such as Lyrandre, Hannelore, Jov, and Seri. Need we say more?


Grimmtooth's little cousin was following in her uncle's footsteps as a Survival-spec Hunter. While Grimm "technically" disapproved of her non-BM spec, he admired her ability to tear through the countryside and get things done quickly - she was an apt and attentive pupil, and loved the land as much as he did.

And then she disappeared for a while.

When she was lost to the family, Grimmtooth took it hard, and never gave up looking for her. It was largely through Jasra and Flora's work that the family found out that she was still alive, as a recently liberated Death Knight. She had been taken by the Scourge and was being groomed to - amazingly - be aimed at Grimmtooth and his family, who had been identified as a threat to the Scourge.

Now that she's found and returned to the fold, she faces the daunting task of finding her way in a world that neither accepts nor rejects her outright.  Still a Hunter at heart, she has to settle into her new role as a Death Knight in pursuit of final Revenge on the Lich King.


Jasra's younger brother by a mere two decades, he shared his sister's love of Dwarvish and Gnomish ingenuity. Unlike her, he stayed the course and has become one of Azeroth's rising engineers, and one of the lead engineering candidates ever to be presented by Darnassus.

His class as a Rogue just falls right in line with his fascination with the night; as the great Gnomish engineer once observed, some of our best and most amazing ideas come from the wee hours of the night. And so you'll find him, often, in his workshop in the Gnomish quarter, following through on one great idea after another!

Tinkmaster Overspark thinks that the genius of this particuar Elf is that he chose the one class that provides the greatest yield of potential engineering materials via picking pockets, all without knowing it. "This kid has a natural talent," Overspark has often said. "Just you wait, I bet he'll be the first non-Gnome on the Council!"

His affinity for the night is not just fondness; he is a devout follower of the Night Elf way. News of High Elf mages knocking on the doors of the High Priestess have caused him many sleepless nights. For some reason, this disdain does not extend to Illume.


Broad-shouldered and rustic, Ku is a natural at the Shaman way.