Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You can take the boy out of Azshara, but you can’t take Azshara out of the boy

In what has turned out to be a blogosphere-wide scandal of the deepest proportions, Ratshag has blown the doors off of one of the undersea world’s deepest, darkest, secrets. Taboos broken. Neighbors scandalized. Bait stores vandalized.

No Comment Lady Vashj has stepped forward to utter a complete denial of these events, claiming that the Naga’s milt is reserved exclusively for their own kind.

But in this revealing photograph, Lesser Creature Overseer (5th class) Kil'ssarrass is seen enjoying a night out in the lesser-known areas of Vashj’ir.

Mountain Glory Dew will put starch in your pelvic spurs Neither Kil’ssarrass nor Mrrlrrgrrlrr could be reached for comment (nor, in fact, discerned from every other of their kind in the area), but one claiming to be Mrrlrrgrrlrr’s close confidant has explained (on provision of anonymity) that Mrrlrrgrrlrr has been sequestered away, as is the custom, until the roe either hatches, or is deemed suitable for caviar.

Watch this space, as well as other blogs in the Blogosphere News Network, for further developments on this story!