Friday, March 11, 2011

That’s how we roll

I should be going to bed instead of typing this in, but I prefer to write it in the moment rather than sleep it off, as it were.
I served aboard a US Navy frigate in the Persian Gulf before we had an “official” war out there. Even though we were not at war with anyone there, we still maintained a full battle-ready stance while within the Gulf – live ammo loaded, the whole shebang.
Occasionally, the Captain would wander into CIC and declare, “QUICKDRAW, 300 YARDS AT 33 DEGREES RELATIVE, GO!” (with the numbers varying, of course). He’d then start a stopwatch and observe how long it took for the ship to lay three 76mm rounds on the designated target area.
Kept us on our toes.
Tonight reminded me a lot of that.
One thing that makes Eff the Ineffable work so well is that we have a solid core of people that can put on the raiding hat on a dime. That came in really handy tonight as we realized that there were nine 85s on and we controlled Tol Barad.  When the 10th appeared, we suddenly shifted from doing whatever it was that we were doing to getting to TB, getting in position, and then raiding.  At 23 minutes remaining when we stepped through the portal, it was cutting it close, Our first pull was at the 15-something mark, more or less.  And yet, the boss was down, we gathered our points and loot, and went about our business.
That’s pretty awesome.
We also had a bit of excitement as an influx of familiar faces swelled our ranks. I won’t out anyone here, but suffice it to say that there was much excitement and occasional squeeing. We main gain a few new raiders out of that, which would be just dandy. Mister K has already outed himself, so here’s a shout-out for him. “Is this where all the burnt out bloggers come to hang out?”, he mused, seeing the number of, well, burnt-out bloggers we have harbored within. I was amused.
Sometimes a change of venue makes a bit of difference.
My boss and I were discussing his exploits in Rift; it sounds like they did a marvelous job and I wish I had the bandwidth to check it out. He was really enjoying his Necromancer, and as he described how it worked, I really missed getting to play Flora.  WoW warlocks and Rift Necros have a lot in common.
Well, Flora’s going to have to wait. I have so very far yet to go.