Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just a little heads-up

Next weekend this blog will move to a new host, and the URL will change as well. It will change to

Which, you may recall, is where the blog used to be as well.

This time around, I am not taking the posts from the blogspot blog over to the new site. There is too much fussy work to be done to get that to all merge, and more times than not, the so-called power of XML fails us miserably. Again. (Schemas, guys, they’re a good thing. How about not rolling stuff out to production until it can validate on a common schema. I would be ever so grateful.)


While the new blog will be a fresh start as far as old posts go, this blog will remain up and viewable.

You can visit the new site already, but there’s nothing there to see yet. I’m still paying with themes, etc.

The RSS feed will not be affected – thank you, Feedburner.