Friday, March 4, 2011

Impending DING

In conjunction with some fairly recent navel gazing, I see this bit from Calli via Larisa today:

"The problem is, I’m 41 next month. My reflexes aren’t what they used to be, there are youngsters in our raid who act like they have the reaction times of rattlesnakes on crack and they handle fights like this with ease. Me, I need time to process things, time to let muscle memory take the slack that my reflexes can’t handle and my brain can’t process."

… and I went, “well, yeah.” 

I’ve been evaluating my performance in raids over the past three weeks. I’ve been improving. I strongly believe this. But I also have a propensity to fail in situations that require me to react quickly to sudden events.  As Calli says, instead of reflexes, I have become more and more dependent on muscle memory and experience to get me through a fight.

I don’t feel particularly happy with that reasoning on my own part, though, because it feels a bit like I’m making excuses for being a failbot.  On the contrary, I’m trying to find ways to compensate for what is becoming more and more a concern to me. The first part of improving is to identify what CAN be improved.

In my old guild, we progressed more slowly. I was pretty much middle of the pack, for the most part (except Kara, which was my first EVAR raid and all-new experience). The demographic of that guild tended towards my own age bracket. But the Effers are a bit more ambitious. They get impatient if it takes us more than two weeks to pick up on a new boss. And dying to the stupid really doesn’t help attitudes. Where being a bit of a doof was once considered a moderately charming idiosyncrasy in the past, it’s a serious hinderance now. I have to find ways around that, and fast.

Age and guile. Gotta work that.

If only being 41 was the problem. Next month I ding 50, and, unfortunately, I can’t get back to 41 without a few souls and a fifth of Yukon Jack, and voluntary soul donors are hard to come by.  So, again, we go to raiding with the Dorfs we gots, not the dorfs we wish we had.  I look at Calli and consider 41 to be good times gone by. :)


With all this beardy naval gazing going on, it didn’t help that the AARP mailed me my membership card in advance.

Oh, yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark.

Well, onward and upward. If we can field bodies we may even get to Valona and Theralion and thier FABULOUS flames. (ORLY.)