Saturday, March 5, 2011


No, this has nothing to do with my bemoaning my decrepitude in earlier posts.  Rather, I’m shilling for our esteemed raid leader, Alas, and our most excellent guild, Eff the Ineffable.

We’re a small guild. We do, however, have ambitions of adequacy in the field of raiding. Not particularly aiming towards server firsts here, you understand, but nobody would complain.

What we are is a group of adults that take great pains not to stand in the fire while serving pwnage on miscreant bosses. We recognize that real life > WoW, and plan accordingly. Thus, our two raiding nights (plus short-shorts on Tuesdays) are reserved for raiding like we mean it.  The rest of the time, we hang out and do heroics, farm herbs, and play WoW Jeopardy.

This is an officer-less guild. The expectation is that everyone here is a grown-up and is expected to act thusly.

We are looking for: all roles, best I can tell. Our current raiding body has enough switch-hitters to make up for shiftage.  If you happen to be a warlock, be warned that Zel will probably try to adopt you, feed you, and keep you safe and warm. Fairly warned be you, say I.

We have a LOT of bloggers. Expect to be blogged about, in aggregate or in particular. In fact, I’d say that this is the guild that blogging built.

Note that if you are accepted, you may still be on the bench from time to time. Our goal is to always have enough people for a 10-man raid, which means that some nights we’ll have enough, and some nights, more than enough. DPS especially should expect to be placed on a rotation, which means that not every raid night will be for you. Hey, I’ll be on the bench right there with you, so don’t fret. It’s just a thing to make sure everyone gets the same number of shots as others in the role. If you happen to be dual-roled, of course, that can only work out well for you. :)

If all the above did not send you screaming into the night, feel free to drop by our message board and post in whatever fora are available to obtain more information from our esteemed and fully posse’d GM.