Sunday, March 6, 2011

Failing in pieces

Week 4 of our raiding debut, and Eff the Ineffable continues to focus on progression. Omnomnomitron is our current BWD nemesis, and Valiona and Theralion are scheduled to make our lives miserable in BoT.  The RL decided to keep us on our toes by proclaiming that one of us would explain positioning on each of that pair, and he’d select randomly.

In between studying for that, I’ve done what I can for Heroics, rep grinding, outfitting, rotation practice, and whatever else I can do to improve my performance. My DPS on the dummies this week is around 3K higher than when I started, so if I end up on the bottom of the pack, at least it won’t be so blatant.

Jasra’s our most recent veteran of ICC, so I often run things by her as a sanity check, assuming we catch her sober and awake. ::ouch! Kidding, Jas!::

Jasra: Okay, checklist. Flasks?



Healing and crit, yep!


All done. Rhii even replaced my foot one with a run speed one, just for Magmaw.

Fishing pole? Put away?

:: laugh :: I left it in the bank!


All epics, all slots except the Meta.


Yeah, epics.

Epic gems. You have epic gems in all your slots.

Yes! How can you be deaf with ears like that?

:: stares ::

What’s wrong with epic gems in Cataclysm gear?  I' --- Oooooooooh!

:: nods ::

OK, what my surly priest friend was getting at is that the new Rare gems in Cata are far better than the Epic gems in Wrath, and, furthermore, there ARE no epic gems in Cata yet.  Possibly next content patch, but don’t hold your breath.

So, I went off to the AH and did a mass swap-out for Cata blues, then reforginated to rebalance all the stats that got skewed, and, well, eased up another 500 DPS on the dummies.


* * * * *

So, we only did one raid instance (besides TB, which still refuses to drop my pants) because there were too many people that couldn’t make it Friday. Our RL suggested that we do something as a team, anyway, so we went achievement hunting in Naxx.  This is great for me, as I was pretty much never able to complete that instance.  Every time we hit Sapphiron, it was “hey, can Jas come in and heal?”  So I was denied. It was nice to finally get that achievement, plus a few others.

It was a little odd doing it without any boss mods, though. I failed to notice that DBM now only ships with current content – if you want the old content, you need to go download it seperately. This is actually a good idea.  I just hadn’t anticipated setting foot there ever again, is all.

Saturday we headed straight for Magmaw. I had rejiggered my spec a little due to a guildy’s advice, to give my multishot and traps some more punch and utility, and it really helped. We didn’t roflstomp him, but on the third try Magmaw was being basted in cajun spices.

Omnitron is, as I said, our new nemesis.  It is, however, becoming less confusing as we go along. It looks like we always get them in the same order, and Team Heal is adjusting to the style of the bosses to keep us up better. We had a couple of great tries in there, and one that was outstanding. We got it down to 10%, and, well, it’s hard to say. It might have partly been “go fever”, starting that victory lap just a little early, or we may have just hit our mental and mana walls at that point. We’re all feeling a lot better about that encounter than we were last week, though of course we know we have a lot more work to do to close the deal.

I’ve been gimping my DPS so as to try to keep both eyes on the situation around me, as I tend to zone out on shot rotations WAY too easy. I’ve also removed my DoTs from the button bar for this fight since that can make for a Bad Day. I’m learning new thngs from looking at our logs.

So, next time.  Scrap metal.  /gruff

* * * * *

A final note for our raid leader, who is stepping down to let others take up the mantle. 

It seems that in an earlier post, I gave the impression that he was making me unhappy. This was not my intent. He was a tough raid leader and set the bar high, and my navel gazing has been along the lines of sorting out how to do my job right. I say here for all to hear, I appreciate the burdens of the job, and appreciate his willingness to step up and try to lead us through the raiding regimen. If he continues to raid with us, nobody will be more pleased than I.

(PS: no, he is not stepping down because I was Emo Dwarf, so don’t go there.)