Friday, February 11, 2011

ZOMG Raiding

The title pretty much says it all for me right now.  In the ten days or so since I joined <Eff the Ineffable>, I've been playing a massive game of catchup, grinding rep to get gear, jumping in to every Heroic guild run I can (to get a shot at gear and/or JPs), grinding leather to make moniez, buying flasks and potions, fishing for foodz, and so forth.

Tonight, Light willing, we raid for the first time as a guild, and, for me, the first time I've set foot inside a raid that wasn't a "casual alt night" in probably two years. I'm all, like, SRS BSNS here.

The times have been fraught with challenges.

  • Can you say "rusty"? Sure ya can.
  • Seriously, trapping hasn't been of use since the last time my old guild took Prince down.  I didn't even have ice trap hotkeyed.
  • Hunter pulling via trap flinger? WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN
  • OMG I'm such a noob!  All my pug attempts were made of fail, usually failing on the first boss, if not before then. All the wrong lessons learned.
  • Thus, not knowing the vast majority of the fights I've seen… hoo boy.
  • Getting all the pets I need to bring the right buff to the party.  Unfortunately, I'm not done yet. I'm up to Wind Serpent on The Big Chart.

To counter this, my new guild has been kind, patient, and supportive, not to mention a lot of fun to be around.  Zel and Gnoble, Alas and At, and Rhii have especially been welcoming and making the new guild feel like home – really, the whole guild has, honestly, and it's been a joyful thing to me.

I'm still a bit self-conscious about my performance, though I am assured I'm not hideous. And, truth be told, in a surprisingly short time I've gotten my performance up to, well, not mid-range for DPS, but at least not way out of the pack like I was at the start. Time on the dummies, some heavy reading, and, by the Light, spreadsheets, have all contributed to me feeling like I have at least a shot at doing more than filling a slot.  Though quite a few of my new guildies can hand me my ass in a Pringles can, so I have goals. Indeed I do.

Tonight we are hosted by a certain Mr. Halfus Wyrmbreaker. There will be refreshments, popcorn, possibly some tabard sucking (spilled ale is not a loss, it is an opportunity), and, yes, I am sure wipe-age, which we will accept as the normal cost of doing business on progression raids.  The bee pit is stocked with angry bees, and Thunderbirds are Go.

My fellow Effers, Excelsior! Today is a good day to die!