Friday, February 4, 2011

Something familiar here …

Last night I logged out in Stormwind …

Goodbye Alleria

… and awoke in Stormwind.

Hello Azuremyst

(I’m amused that a bronze and blue-glowy drake made it into both caps, as well as a whipe-winged mount of some sort. But yes, different servers, almost same vantage point.)

If it wasn’t for the fact that it was Stormwind on a whole different server, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

So now I’m committed to Eff the Ineffible “for realsies”, as Flora would say, and for the next several weeks I’ll be hogging the system from those other excellent and most worthy toons in the troop.  But I have a lot of catching up to do.

During the last two months, while others in the guild have been about business with a business attitude, I was in super-casual mode. I mean, seriously, getting to 85 is about as much of an achievement as I could muster at the time. And instances?  I haven’t gotten into a pug yet that finished, and I refused to steal a slot from OCV just to take my loot off-server on them. Bad form.

So I’m going to be grinding rep like it’s going out of style and taking advantage of any guild runs I am allowed to, to get myself geared up from my current 325 to the minimum acceptable Heroic level, which I believe is 326. Every night I’m grinding leather, running rep runs, and practicing my new abilities and rotation as much as possible. 

I also need to get several more pets for buffs that I don’t  have yet, but that’ll have to wait.  Currently working on getting my raptor, mister DinoTim (no relation), up to 85 before moving on to getting a ravager.

Tonight we have a JP run (Sarth +3D and the weekly) and I am, quite frankly, nervous as anything. Aside from occasional “just to fill in” runs in Wrath, I haven’t seriously run anything as DPS in close to two years. I admit to a slight performance anxiety thing here. First impressions are important.

Assuming I get a slot, wish me luck!