Monday, February 14, 2011

In for the Kill

We can fight our desires,
but when we start making fires
we get ever so hot.
whether we like it or not.

Friday night was our first raid night as a guild. Most people there were far more prepared than I was, but they'd been getting ready longer than I had, as well, so I just hoped I could manage it without making a fool of myself. (More than usual. Quiet, you.)

Our host for the night was Halfus Wyrmbreaker, he of the three random-ish adds. A complex fight, but that's how we Effers roll. Or how we’re gonna roll. Something.

I hang my hopes out on the line.
Will they be ready for you in time?
If you leave them out too long
they'll be withered by the sun.

We weren't expecting much, just poke our noses in and see what there was to see. We'd studied strats, watched the viddies, got our pots and our flasks, but we were thinking, tonight we'll see what it's like, we'll go study some more, and we'll come back and get him eventually.

One try. Two tries. Four tries. Six.  Each time, tantalizingly closer to achieving something.  On the last try, magic happened.

I'm going in for the kill.
I'm doing it for a thrill.
I'm hoping you'll understand,
and not let go of my hand.

Effing gratz, you guys!

Archmage Vargoth says "For Light's sake, would somebody take that staff from him? It's been years!"

I'll not dwell on the following wipes on Magmaw.  Another complex fight, and we'll get that one, too.

Magmaw-oh My numbers? About where I expected them. I'm playing catch-up, but as long as my guildies don't mind, I'll soldier on and keep adding bits to my wardrobe.

Incidentally, I tried BM this weekend on the dummies. 1K down from Survival, even with my best DPS pet. I'm not surprised. I don't have enough natural Hit to allow me to stack Mastery yet, and, while that doesn't hurt Survival a whole lot, it REALLY hits the BM's nuke capability (Kill Command) in the junk. I'll check back as I upgrade gear, and see if parity starts to push in.

I haven't tested MM yet because of the crazy large numbers on Aimed Shot. I'm pretty sure that's a bug, and talk on the forums seems to indicate that Blizz thinks so, too. If that's the case, any MM build around this is just a gimmick, and a temporary one at that. Once MM stabilizes, I'll have a look.

PS: Sorry about the embedding fail. At least they give a link.