Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday wrap-up

I have two blogging projects going at once, one is a bit of fluff and one is a very in-depth bit of research. I need to get back to them, but the past two weeks have been pretty hectic, despite having a holiday in the middle of it all.

My gear sucks

But it sucks less now than it did two weeks ago. One thing that was painfully obvious in our Magmaw fight was that the adds were not getting burned down a lot. All sorts of strats were tried to get around that basic shortcoming, but in the end that's what it's all about. It's like the Curator fight, in which you have to get those adds down in time to burn him hard during his Evocate phase.  So I know what that looks like.

I'm still not happy with how multishot works, or its ability to do what it needs to do, but with improved gear it may suffice. We'll see. Thanks to some generous guildies, a lot of grinding, a lot of Heroics, I'm getting closer every day. My damage output on dummies and raids keeps inching up. 

Progress is being made, and that is all that matters as long as we bring down the bad guys in the long run. I just hope for patience on the part of my fellows.

Traditions were meant for breaking

I've been a Leatherworker for all of Vanilla and all three expansions. But this week I dropped it and took up a dual-gathering 'spec' – flowers and metals. There are a few reasons behind this.

  • On Alleria, I had the skills and contributions from nine other alts to ensure that nothing ever went unused. As such, were had been able to sustain Illume grinding up to maximum as a Scribe, and then start making and selling glyphs at a profit, all without buying anything but paper.  This was good for 3-4K per week into our collective coffers.  That's gone now, on Azurmyst. Just me, my leatherworking, and the charity of others. As much as I like my new guildies, I just cannot abide being a burden. 
  • Leatherworking is NOT a high-profit income source without some major, major grinding.  So I've discarded it for something that is more clearly aimed at getting money into the coffers and keeping me in flasks. In fact, once I get to a certain point, I can get flasks made for cheap supplying my own mats. That's cool.  
  • The mats from these two professions do really well on the AH, so I'll generally split my finds between the guild and my pocketses, thus gaining the benefit of helping my guild out, AND having the means to sustain myself.
  • The crafting professions have just lost their luster. They feel stagnant, grindy, ridiculous.  By the time I get what I want out of Leatherworking, I should be wearing superior gear anyway. So, really, what's the point?
  • You might say I've become a "farmer".  Sure, fine, whatever. Whether it's rep, mats to use, mats to sell … it's all farming. Plus, I might be your supplier, so, be nice. :)

BM Ain't all that

4.0.6 allegedly improved matters for BM and MM Hunters. Our lead Hunter certainly likes MM a lot, now, but my experiments with BM show that it still lags around 2K behind SV at my gear level. BM is very sensitive to Mastery as that directly impacts the main nuke, Kill Command. Right now, all my reforging goes into Hit first, leaving very little for Mastery.

You're on, Alannis

Holy crap, what a week in the world o WoW blogs. This week is the latest flash on some major blog drama, but it's been accumulating over the past few months, I can tell. A lot of stored-up bloggy angst is finding new outlets to express itself.

The ironic part is that a lot of people have used posts linking to this post as entre to carry out some heavy slagging, regardless of the intent of the original linker. Talk about not getting the point. A post I intended as a plea for moderation on hateful rhetoric is in fact planted like a land mine over a nest of angry fire ants, under a tree filled with angry hornets. (And when it blows, we end up landing in the bee pit). The people linking almost invariably have good intentions, but they can't control the ebb and flow of the conversations that follow, and there have been regrettable consequences. 

The worst part of all of this is that I see people I consider to be my friends going after other people I consider to be my friends.  To paraphrase one other blogger who's identity I have misplaced (sorry), I just wanna keep liking my friends.

I'm going on record now to say that the elephant is still in the room.

What I did instead of rep grinding

Having said all that, one of the people that linked back here to that post is in fact our Effing GM. She put her feelings out there on a topic that was bound to draw fire. No matter what, it was brave and commendable, and she's handled the feedback well, but it no doubt has taken an emotional toll, as well. Negativity does that. Sometimes you can feel a bit isolated, alone, amid it all.

So I did a little something to hopefully help out a little. Well, it helped me, anyway. :)Alas Has A Posse I think I speak for the whole Effing guild when I say that this is from all of us Effers to you, Alas