Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fancy meeting you here

All due enthusiasm to Uncle Grimm’s exploits, but back at Casa de Grimmtooth, we’re working to keep the castle afloat – the financial castle, that is, in the sea of finance, that is.  One such institution that goes with that is the time honored act of picking flowers and selling them to unsuspecting rubes. Herbalism, thy name is profit.

Illume is covering Hyjal (for now). I have Deepholme and Uldum, which may or may not be nerfed today, depending on what hotfix is deployed.

Anyway, in Deepholme there was a chance encounter.


Small world, but I’d hate to paint it.

In other news, I hear rumblings that I may be fetched to Grimm’s new server soon. They currently have no regular raiding warlocks, a niche I am all too happy to fill. While this robs Grimm of his slot, he’s not too worried over it. They have a couple of really uber raiding hunters over there, apparently.

The deciding factor is how well I can improve my own output with some studied respeccing. So we shall see.

The other advantage is that right now, I am poised to be a major income source. Profit margins for the Truegold transmute pathway are stupid huge. 100 gp of mats yielding 1200 gp sales is my definition of WIN.