Monday, January 31, 2011

It’s all safe in the cloud

For eight weeks, I’ve been working on a review / comparison piece regarding HUD addons, as you may be aware.  This morning I was just one day of cleanup away from posting the first of FIVE parts.  I figured I’d work on the wordy stuff in between things at work, and work on the picturey stuff here. So, I posted the draft to the blog so I could access it from there.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the copy that was up there, and most of it was gone.

On top of that, the latter half of it was at least five weeks old, whereas the top half was all stuff I did this weekend.

Yeah, I'm totally breaking out the dude for this one. Grumpy dorf is grumpy.

Where does that leave me?

Well, right now I’m going to go off and sulk. I have to get my act together for a server transfer this weekend, I have much to do, and I’m just a little sick of HUDs and that sort of thing. The thought of reconstructing all that work makes me angry, really, and it’s no more useful to blog angry as it is to drive angry.

So I’m going to walk away from it and cool off a little.  Evaluate the wreckage, and try to work up the enthusiasm to revisit it, at least in some form. 

The good news is that all of the research I did is preserved in the form of several Google spreadsheets – assuming they don’t get eaten by the Mothership as well, and I kinda know what to write about each, and let the charts do the rest of the talking.

Meanwhile, I have an idea for a totally fluff piece I want to do (more Model Viewer work, foshizzle!), so I’m going to do that one to please the muse before I consider satisfying my sense of obligation.  Hope you don’t mind.

As a little appetizer, here are some very brief recommendations:

  • IceHUD seems to be most feature-complete and versatile.
  • UnderHood2 has an excellent featureset, too, some unique config elements, and is just shy of taking the crown.
  • ArcHUD, MetaHUD, two DHUDs (yes, two) – all are quite capable and will likely meet 90% of anyone’s needs.
  • Do NOT install sHUD until you read the docs. I mean it.
  • Having said that, sHUD and TuttiHUD are excellent non-nonsense, bare-bones addons that get the job done.
  • CircleHUD bears special mention for its unique take on the topic.

More details, feature matrices, and so forth, after I take a breather.  Thank you for your patience.