Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The gears grind, however slowly

Tonight, as I headed towards my rendezvous with the start of the Uldum zone, I thought I’d stop by what used to be the entrance to Uldum (which I visited way back here) to see what sort of flim-flammery they were up to.  I expected a giant cop-out, to be honest.


Not so much.

You really don’t get anything more than two rooms, one which you cannot enter, but it’s sufficient to qualify as “not a cop-out”. The image doesn’t do it justice, of course, but all that stuff behind the rubble is moving – turning, pistoning, and otherwise looking like it’s earning its pay for the week.  Plus, there are a bunch of Earthen just hanging out, being cool.

Do yourself a favor and stop by on the way to the caravan. It’s worth the detour. Besides, you’ll want that flight point just to the east of it, anyway. It’s not really out of your way.