Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bloggier than thou

“I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people...
Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am bloggier than thou.”

indie1 I’m so indie that my tabard don’t fit.
You wonder out loud, “Grimmy yo why you come so ill-equipped?”
Because being all prepared to get in the raid is selling out
and I ain’t even about to relinquish indie clout.

I look confused, like I just got out of Uldum.
My rhyme style reflects this.
Use my overdeveloped sense of irony to deflect dis-
missiles, exploding all around me.
Unpromoted, don’t know how you found me.
Soundly situated in obscurityland,
famous in inverse proportion to how cool I am,
and should I ever garner triple-digit fans
you can tell me then there’s a blogger I ain’t indier than.

indie3 (He’s so indie) Indie I be.
Ain’t an obscurer blogger out there who be indier than me.
(He’s so indie) Indie, and how!
Come not near to me, for I be indier than thou.
(He’s so indie) Indie indeed;
if I were on WoW Insider, you could call me mainstream.
(He’s so indie) Indie I am.
All the better for the Grimmtooth to leverage his brand.

“I am sought of them that asked not for me;
I am found of them that sought me not...
These are a smoke in my nose.”

Delving deep into my inbox when I discovered
fan mail for Grimmy! It kind of hovered
before my vision. I made a decision to open it up.
It said, “Yo, Grimmtooth, you suck!”
Whew! I was worried for a second that I’d started to earn love,
seeing all my indie points burned up.

indie4 Next you know, I’m meeting Ghostcrawler in dive bars,
doing the soundtrack for the Twisted Nether tie-in with DA,
paying subscription fees, owning things
flamin’ peeps that stand in things.
It’s like a nightmare (yep), ‘cause that ain’t casual (nope).
Yes, I’m indier than thou within my casual space.
And if you’re slow on the uptake, I’ll lay it out:
casual hardcore is a religion to which you got to be devout.
Must be seen as in between unpopular and hated
or else get excommunicated.


-- with respectful apologies to MC Frontalot (also to Megan – we miss ya!). MP3 available at Front's site as well. Go buy his stuff.

The longer I've been following and participating in this post over at Disciplinary Action (with a sidebar here), the more I think that I sound like this guy.


Also, I want to make something clear.

  • The post at DA offers excellent advice.  It is a well written article and deserves to be read on those merits alone. 
  • I am an unabashed DA fanboy.
  • You can disagree with someone about something and still be a fanboy. :)
  • It's OK to promote. And it doesn't automatically follow that if you do so, you become the proprietor of a soulless blog full of ads and fluffy posts strip mined in Arizona.
  • It's OK to not promote. And if you don't, it does not follow that you fail at blogging.
  • DA is da bomb.
That is all.