Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The beginning is the end is the beginning

For the last couple of weeks or thereabouts, young mister Effington has been hanging out with Eff the Ineffible to get a feel for the group. Sometime prior to the weekend I had determined that one of us would transfer over. At the end of the weekend, after a bit of poking and prodding, I came to the conclusion that Flora or I would do just fine, but that was as much as I was getting from anyone as to who I should bring over. 

So I picked me.

I have a couple of weeks before I can – Meta wasn’t planning on this expense and thus didn’t budget it – but once the cash is in hand, I will be leaving Alleria to hang out with some really awesome people that I’ve met in the past few years of blogging and reading blogs.

Since I can’t run instances with them until I get there, and I can’t in good conscience run them with my current guild, I’ll be limited to pugs and rep grinds until I get there. Even so, I’ll be behind the curve. Can’t sit on my butt and swill ale until then, of course.


Only one task remained, and that was to let my current GM know. I was not looking forward to this. At least she was calm about it. She knew things were not well with me. I explained that I liked hanging with the guild just fine, but my days of raiding with them were over, and why. She knew. I’ve explained it. We both know that that thing will not change because it would stress her real-life friendships. And that’s real, and I respect it.

So, I was glad to get that done.

“Still, I has a sad”, she said as we wrapped up.

Yeah, me too, my friend. Me, too.


Tonight I started the serious business of getting ready. Step 1 was to figure out how bad off I really was. I’ve been running around with a haphazard BM build that I just threw together at the start of the expansion. Since I had no plans to raid or run instances, at the time, I didn’t really care too much about the final numbers, as long as the targets of my affection didn’t nom my face.

First pass on the target dummies showed between 4000 and 4500. After a more intelligent respec, and reforging, I got it up to 5500. Then I went Survival, tweaked a few things, and ended up at 7.7K.

Let that sink in. Reforging and a spec change almost doubled my DPS.

Oy, BM is hurting!


“Grimmtooth” is already taken on my new server, but I’m thinking I can go with “Grimmmtooth”. The first ‘m’ is silent.