Saturday, December 25, 2010

Those responsible have been sacked

Those with feedreaders may have caught a rather pithy and slapdash posting yesterday that dredged up some old ennui from the past and gave it a new coat of paint. This was not the post I intended to post. Like a lot of people, I often noodle out drafts and let them sit for a while too feel them out a bit before posting (I’ve got one that’s been sitting for three weeks, a five-parter that’s GOTTA come down in size!).

Well, this one got posted rather than saved locally, and it was nowhere near complete. It was badly worded, a little stark in places, and should have been cleaned up a bit before posting.  So, I’ve taken it down.

This would be nothing unusual except that an attempt to pick on a fellow blogger was, in its current form, mean-spirited and, well, tacky.

So, Spinks, if you got that, I apologize for the way that came out.  Or came out at all. Oh, I was thinking it. But the thinking and the saying don’t always go hand in hand, especially 13 months after the fact. Sometimes it doesn’t need said.

At any rate, again, please accept my apology.

(and if you’re thinking “whatever is he going on about???”  -- NEVER MIND, MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!)

We’ll return to blogging after I get my foot extracted from my mouth.