Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It’s a generous retirement gift

Grimm’s taken the high road of Hyjal. I’ve taken the low road of the Kelp’thar Forest. Both are stunning, but I’ll have to give the undersea kingdom the edge.  Grimm’s replaced every bit of his purples with greens and blues at this point. I’m getting there.

Three things.

Thing the First: I wanna picture of my own, like Grimm got.

Thing the Second: Destro is crazy large. My heart is Demon, but the sick sick numbers I’ve seen thus far are sufficient to keep any objections my Demon soul might have, quiet. This is worth pursuing, is all I’m saying.

Thing the Third: Squid. On a stick. This … has quickly become my second favorite thing in the whole universe. If I was retired this very moment, I would be content.

Squid on a Stick