Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Breathless Antici … (SAY EET) … pation!

Here in our third or so year, we’re finally getting close to the 75-subscriber mark (RSS, that is). I know, I’m as surprised as you are that there are 75 people in the world with such questionable tastes.  But, technically, there are only 68. Or 69. Depends on the day you look at in the logs.

But we’re getting there, completely by word of mouth. No record deals. No big corporate sponsor. Just us, them, and the grapevine at the Joliette Pen.

So what I’m going to do is give away …

Uh, boss?


What we got to give away?

Are you nuts? I’m too broke!

But you gotta give something to the 75th!

OK, tell ya what. Number 75 gets cookies. Happy?


OK, troops, here it is. The first person to send me an email (grimmtooth at gmail dot com) after I hit 75 subscribers for three days running gets a batch of home made chocolate chip cookies. Not just any cookies, but the recipe described by Clifford Stoll in The Cuckoo’s Egg, considered by many to be the best recipe ever!

If nobody claims that spot … well, Mrs. Grimmtooth loves my cookies. As well as Cliff’s.

But if you think you’re my 75th … you get cookies. Speak up.

And that’s how we do dat in Ironforge. No game codes, card giveaways, or mousepads. Instead, something from the hearth and the heart.

Also, if you have ideas for when we hit 100 in 2012, it’s never too soon.