Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the record

Cataclysm is upon us at last, and I suspect this weekend is going to be very Epic for the development staff at Anaheim. From what I've seen, they did a great job staging things as smoothly as they did.

I imagine the new starting zones, and the new level 81 zone(s) are utter chaos right now, which is why we're not diving in right away. Fai popped 72 last night, and we're going to pick up with Slithmere tonight and run him through his leveling in Outland some more to get him to 67. I'm looking forward to it, Subtly is such a fun spec.

At any rate, we're going to be laying low for a while until the new zones stabilize. It's nice not succumbing to pressure to level like a fiend so I can raid. Not gonna happen. Not to say we're not looking forward to the new content, but it'll be there when we do get around to it, in, say, a week or so.

Anyway. I have a theory.




If you have not steeped in the lore for Cata quite yet, not even The Shattering, this may not be a bit of speculation you want to see.

I have a strong suspicion that the story of Thrall will end in a way not in concurrence with the speculation taking place elsewhere. While the idea of Thrall becoming an Aspect has some merit, it feels pulled out of nowhere, contrived.

But what is NOT contrived is this: Magni Bronzebeard turned to Diamond in the basement of Ironforge. And the World Pillar is shattered. And there is a ritual …

… get the picture? I suspect that Go'el, Son of Durotan, may become more "one with the elements" than most Shamen, is all I'm saying.

I just wanted to say that now so that there's no claims of Johnny-come-lately to be made later on if it does happen.

Which will be a real downer for Aggra if that happens.

P,S.: Go'el in ancient Israel? "Kinsman Redeemer". Do tell.