Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weren’t a bunch of glubbernubbers, though

One answer to the question, “now what do we do?” is “start working on Loremaster before they blow it up again!”  All the zones have been broken down, so it’s so much less painful now.

So, alphabetically, Arathi Highlands is done (farewell, Alterac), and now I’m wandering around the Badlands, which are less badder than they used to be thanks to an angry dragon’s passage.

Met up with three old friends who had a tale to tell about that. Or, rather, three tales. Of interest this time around is Martek’s.

martek_taleI couldn’t help thinking of our own blogging Orc, Ratshag, and how like him this sounded.


Then again, maybe not. Or maybe Ratters hasn’t gotten around to sharing quite yet. Possibly a friday night drunken singings entry.

Maybe not.

Well. At least I got to punch Deathwing in the face. That’s something.