Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is just too much

I had no idea that this was coming when I switched from Tailor / Enchanting to Herbing / Alchemy, but it turns out that … well, I get to turn myself into a dragon soon. Onyxia can bite m – oh, wait.

We really don't like posting about things yet to come, but a girl's got limits. This mount has warlock written all over it.  Quite exciting!


As good a time to say as any, I suppose.

It's been quiet here because we're kind of down right now. Around a month ago, some raiding drama erupted, and this time we didn't just hunker down and take it. Something snapped. There is just so much we will do for the privilege of downing Arthas, and a line was crossed.  A principled stand was required.

So, we've withdrawn from raiding with our current guild, permanently. The problem that is there will never go away, and even if it does, it has always come back. We've been there. Look at the last three years in retrospect and the same pattern always emerges.

So that's it. Finito.

Of course, that leaves us all in the odd position of finding things to do with ourselves. Up to now, all of our efforts have been directed at getting badges for T10 gear for raiding. Now we have no need for that, and the Cataclysm is about to render that all moot, anyway.

After it hits, there will be a time of personal progression for each of us, and then it'll be back to endgame, or lack thereof. If I raid, it'll be pugging with guilds that we know. Or maybe we'll transfer the 85s to another server with friendly faces. It's hard to say right now. We're still a little raw.

So, if you're happy where you're at, even if you haven't taken Arthas down, take a moment to contemplate that there are so many ways it could be worse. Hug your friends, buy them a virtual drink, and bring an extra fish feast to the raid. It's a game. Try to have some fun. :)

Don't end up like Jasra, a burned out husk of a healer sitting in the corner slugging back Goblin Rocket Fuels and South of the Border Hoodys.  Poor girl hasn't come out of Shadowform for two weeks.