Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So, about your mom

Kid, I need to tell you about your mom.  Her name was Rheastraza, and the last thing she did was ask me to look after you.

She was killed by Deathwing.  But what I want you to understand is that she died trying to save his progeny from being corrupted by him. That she was doing everything she could to see to it that, no matter what, the Black Dragonflight would return to its rightful place among its peers.  Her concern was not just for the Red Dragonflight, not just the Black Dragonflight, but for all Dragonkind, everywhere.

rheas_kid So, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want you embarking on a quest of vengeance. No vendetta for you, kid. She would want you to take her example and rise above the circumstances, to be a better dragon, and heal the world.

Which is why I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna want to be there when we take Deathwing’s ugly mug down. 

So, I’m telling you this.

If I’m there, you got a seat at the table. I’ll totally gimp my DPS to see that toothy smile on your face when we plant him face-first in the pavement.

That’s a promise you can take to the bank.