Friday, October 15, 2010

Random warlock is random

Since we were all tired of waiting for Yar to get up to level with her Alchemy, and since Jas is hogging all the enchanting mats, I've changed over to herb / alchemy.

Herbing with a warlock actually has many advantages over herbing with a mage, so Illume will be hanging out in Dal taking delivery on bundles of herby goodness instead of trying to find the perfect landing spot every time.

I've also been working on getting my Explorer badges while I can. The two events have lead me hither and yon. Behold: hither and yonage.

It's a close game in Silithus, folks.First, let's talk about Silithus. Is it possible to be any more pathetic than 2/100 versus 1/100?  I realize the Spice Must Blow, but guys …


Remember Skoll? Here he is. He was here before I went in and completed VH as a random. He was still here after I came back out. I advertised to all the hunters in the zone. I advertised to my guild. I shouted it to the treetops. Nobody was interested. What is wrong with you people?

(The GM suggested I kill it for its drops. As far as I know, all it drops are hunter tears. No thanks. Grimm's weepy enough for all of us.)zul_drak_waterslide

Those trolls of Zul'Drak knew how to party. I never realized that they had a water slide.   Not functional at the moment, but I'm sure that can be managed. Need something to wash out the rotten stench of Arthas' minions, after all.