Friday, October 22, 2010

A funny thing happened on the forum

Updated to add: This no longer works, as of 4.0.1, so don't waste your time. Thanks for your interest.

Updated (10/23/10) to add: link to Forum post, sorry for leaving that out. You, too, may go confirm that no Blues have weighed in on this, so if you’re worried about the banhammer, don’t do it!
Mostly, didn’t want anyone thinking that I was taking credit for something that I did NOT discover.
This may or may not work on Warlock pets, too.
Frost mages, target your elemental.
Type this into your chat pane:
/run PetRename("NAME HERE")
Where “Name Here” is the new name of your elemental.
Everybody, meet Gumdrop. His turnons are Otter Pops, coloring books, and chainsaws. His turnoffs are Hordies, mean people, and something called “Glembeck”.