Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Grimmlock Experiment

Hanging out with Grymmtooth (who we all call "Junior") on Argent Dawn is my cousin (no, really!) Grymmlock.  In addition to being our representation to SAN, they are both experimental toons as well.

Junior's experiment is to see if it is possible to level to 60 running only quests on Eastern Kingdoms – no instances, and no Heirlooms. We made one exception to allow him to go get cooking recipes in Kalimdor (and he beat up a few pirates while he was there), but actual leveling is all taking place in EK.

At level 55, and with a full quest log, we're pretty sure how that's going to go. For Alliance, at least, XP gain far outstrips the content, and miles of open road go unexplored.

The Grymmlock Experiment

On the other hand, Grymmlock is entirely devoted to the Affliction tree. I've dabbled in it myself from time to time, but not to this extent. I'm holding on to my Demon and Destro credentials, so the only way we could fully explore this motif was to have a new toon do it.

Of course, my understanding of Afflic was all based on peripheral views of respected grand masters like Hydra and Nibs. I got the feeling that DoTs and a Felpuppy were involved, but nothing more. I didn’t really dig too far in, and so Grymm did what pretty much came naturally.

And so there he was, DoTting away happily, and doing “okay”.

And then he looked around and started getting real rebellious. Nattering on about something called "drain tanking" and "where's my succubus" and "AMG this felpuppy quest sucks!".

So he went and respecced on me. But you know what? 5% DPS increase isn't something to sneeze at.

So, we will see.

Welcome to the clan, cousin. Just don’t “borrow” any more soul shards and that rash will never return.