Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Entry into the Gallery of Regrettable Posts

Ever have more than twitter can handle, and less than a blog post can? Yeah. So I’ve herded all the little munchkins together to form, V-07-TR-0N-like, one moderately sized post.
This is probably a bad idea. Where do I sign?
Gender thread
The entire thread has apparently jumped the shark as the backlash begins. I don’t know what irks me more
  • The “but I’m a product of my environment, a victim! Just like you!”  (and why does this always remind me of the Joker telling Batman that “you created me!” x number of times now?)
  • The less endearing  (and imma gonna dial it up to 11) “It can’t be avoided, so just lie back and enjoy it.”  You think I’m exaggerating? Fine. I don’t think I am.
  • The “you girls made fun of me as a geek so now it’s my turn, bishes!” stance. Very mature. I imagine a lollipop will fix things right up.
In a few months the gender debate shall return, and we’ll see what new shenanigans come to light. How exciting, just like a James Bond movie, only without Walther PPKs.
(Note: many geeks have been known to bring up that they own guns, oh, off-hand, in hot debates about such crucial things such as, say, Linux file systems. I’m not sure there exists any more dire example of “has a lot to prove to himself”. But given some of the blogs I read recently, don’t be surprised if at least ONE reenacts this Internet Classic, either in winding down the current Gender debate, or on its sequel.)
Anyway, I’m out of things to say. Debating the above sorts is like wrestling with a pig. Specifically, you can’t win, you’ll end up covered in mod, and the pig had fun.  I just got the mud from the last episode out of my ears. No thanks.
Blogrolls: the ultimate revenge fantasy
A side effect of the thread blowing up is that blogrolls are being, say, “adjusted”. Because we all know that the perfect way to get back at someone you don’t like is to unfriend them. Oh, wait, that’s FaceBook – my bad.
Hey, wait …
Let me say it now. What is in my blogroll is read by myself, but not everything I read is in my blogroll.
I do not announce removals.
It is not a tool for revenge or promotion, outside of me saying that these are the things I read, and, maybe, you should too.
If you’re a jerk, and not my kind of jerk, you’re gone. Sorry, the world’s not fair, either.
If you’re more about selling pageviews, you’re gone.  I appreciate your gung-ho-itivness, though, and wish you luck in the hot new world of blog riches.
If you’re some sort of marketing machine disguised as a WoW blog, you’re gone. I despise a phony.
If you don’t do full feeds in this day and age, I’ll at least ask first, but if you’re intent on driving traffic that way, I won’t help. It’s 2010, and full feeds are pretty much the norm for hobbyist blogs.
(And why do I read some blogs but not share the feeds? Because even I know shame.)
I’m not hard to please. There are thousands of WoW voices, and I like most of them, as each is unique. I’m thankful for the diversity I see, and plan to keep it that way, too.
The main reason I don’t advertise removals? Don’t feed the trolls, that’s all. I don’t care to give more traffic to those that can’t pass my basic litmus test. That, and blogosphere pissing contests remind me of pigs, for some reason.
And the rest of that crap I was talking about …
  • Guys! How in the name of Nefarian’s left orb is the 1-year cover for Guilded Age even remotely NSFW?  Got a thing against gnomes in bikinis?  Hell, the comic itself drops more f-bombs than three Bidens combined, so why this alla sudden?
  • Not actually WoW-related, but, ORLY?
  • Why does Tyrande Whisperwind carry a bow?
It’s 12:55 AM, I gotta get up at 7 AM, and imma pushing the button.
That … was probably a bad idea.