Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Must … resist … (saving throw: fail)

OK, I really thought I was done with the topic, having said what I needed to say, poorly a it may be put, I thought I got it all off of my chest (so to speak).

And then Massively linked to this videoGo watch.  At least as far as the toon casting one of her spells against a mob (around 2:58. You can fast forward, it's OK.).

Will women really want to play a game that "features" a running posture for female characters so that guys can ogle their undies?

Listen, I find the female form most pleasing and worthwhile. I like to look as much as the next guy. But I also value the friendship and diversity that my female friends bring to the table, and so I have to wonder – how many of them would be interested in playing this game?  Or would I be spending a lot of my time with a bunch of dudes that, let us say, don't have English as their first language?

It brings into sharp relief one reason why the imbalance concerns and annoys me. I do have a selfish side. I wanna have my friends around me.

One thing's for certain: Blizz is far from the worst offender, obviously.

(My boss tells me that this is pretty typical for what are loosely termed "kimchi games" – Korean MMOs – especially. I'll take his word for it.)

Anyway, dead horse, beaten a few more times, I guess.

I'll try to keep my mouth shut now.