Friday, July 9, 2010

We’re back, and we’re not happy

What is it with you people?
We take a week – ONE WEEK – off, and the whole metaverse goes to Hell in a handbasket, and I’m left to find my own way.  This will not do, internet. It will not do at all.
I mean, remove one tiny little element, and you have a pretty good week.
  • The NDA is lifted, and info is flowing.
  • 3.3.5 is fully active, and the Ruby Sanctum is live.
  • BRK has released several excellent vids of the new Hunter experience.
  • They have announced a total makeover of all talent trees for CATA.
  • Yours Truly did not get a Beta invite, thus increasing the odds in favor of CATA making its ship date.
  • MC Frontalot’s latest vid for “First World Problem” is live!
So what’s missing? If you guessed “RealID Fiasco”, you’d be 100% correct.
My Gods, what a gigantic, epic clusterfrak.
We share with many in the Blogosphere the feeling of betrayal and hurt, the numbness when you realize that that guy or gal you’ve been seeing is a creep after all, and just doing a good job of covering it up around you.
We share the anger of those that feel that they will be excluded from the community because of the new policies invoked.
We share the confusion of those that feel that a solution is as simple as allowing an omnibus alias per account.
We share the fear of those that have real issues, professionally or otherwise, with their real names being associated with forum posts or WoW in general.
We cannot express in words that match those that have come before, so we will point and remind that the Truth Points to Itself.
  • Scott Jennings, He of the long memory and insider knowledge of how the industry works, has a remarkably tart and tasty post on the whole debacle, including this little gem that really gets at the heart of what’s wrong with the whole thing.
[Zuckerberg] disagrees with the notion that people have different identities. To him, the idea that someone is different at work than at home, than at a rock concert, is dishonest. Says Kirkpatrick, “He believes that he will live a better life personally, and all of us will be more honest, and ultimately it will be better for the world if we dispense with that belief.”
  • (In other words, shut the hells up and let us make these difficult decisions for you, okay?)  His observation that Blizz is repeating Facebook’s mistakes, without having any of Facebook’s options for mitigating them, is right on the money, as far as I’m concerned.
  • Hatch covers ground that most people have covered thus far, but I link to him because many of the best commenters on the matter (Zelmaru, Larisa, I’m looking at YOU) are part of that comment thread. It brings a lot of the whole “feeling betrayed and angry” bits under one roof.
  • Gnomageddon /ragequits. We’re almost there ourselves. Someone asked me if I was surprised; after thinking of it, I realized that Gnome’s passionate spirit made this move fall right into his idiom. Our first RealID casualty, and a bitter one it is.
  • It turns out that you can be your own mum and use Parental Controls to turn off RealID on your account. – home of the tireless Blizzard Cheerleading Squad – had the audacity to post a how-to on this very procedure.  Hey, Blizz? If you managed to piss off these guys, you’re in the Undiscovered Country for reals.
  • Hatch has an excellent and astute observation, but I think he missed the mark by just a smidge. It’s not that we, the player base, are not Blizz’s real customer. And Blizz’s real customer is not advertisers, because that market doesn’t exist as of yet. No, Blizz’s One True Customer is its stockholders. If you look at it that way, everything makes sense. In a twisted, Gevlon-as-CEO sort of way.
  • Dwism does a great job of trolling the internet by changing the wording just a wee bit and by doing so, revealing just how gods-be-damned frightening RealID has become.
  • Shade makes the most amazing and awesome post of them all, and we let it close out this article for us. We are honored to stand in the presence of such awesomeness as you, Shade.
Forsooth, we’d like to be killing Internet Dragons again.  Not having to decide between having fun, and staying safe.
Blizzard. Left side. Many screwups. HANDLE EET.