Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tonight is a good night to die - repeatedly

We didn’t down a new boss tonight, but we had a good night. Thus is the process of progression.

When we walked into Putri’s den, we had gotten him at best to 70%, phase 2.

As the night progressed, we moved phase 2 closer and closer to the starting point. 2nd Green slime. Orange Slime. Orange slime at 50%.

And tonight, we not only saw phase 3, but we got him down to 16%.

Not downing him at that point might be considered a fail by many leetish types. We do, however, know the need for moderation and deliberation in all things. This entire fight is about that. Control. Awareness. (dare I say it) Discipline.  All these go into a successful Putri fight.

Control of yourself to the extent that you are on the slime when it materializes, and yet you are against the wall until the target is clear. 

Awareness of what is going on around you. Focusing on the slime when it is up. Moving away from the bombs when they happen. Getting those big heals on the orange slime’s target as soon as it’s known who.

Discipline of one’s normal tendencies to do the exactly wrong thing in this fight. To stick to the plan and not improvise within one’s … idiom.

This was a good raid, a good group. All should be proud of the contribution they made.

If we continue like this, Putri is ours next week.

We claim what victories we can, and tonight we claim 16%, Phase 3, as our new high point in ICC 10.

We feel mighty.