Friday, June 18, 2010

The 'B' Team

Last night was our second ICC night for the week (we generally work it two or three nights a week); they had left off after downing Festergut on Tuesday, which meant that the next boss would be Rotface. Surprisingly, I was asked to come in Jas' place as we had some other healers that wanted to come in.

Just to spice it up a little, I came as BM instead of MM.  I figured that if my DPS utterly failed, I could swap over to MM.  The DPS I was traveling with was out of my league regardless of what spec I ran, so might as well have fun, right?

What I was not prepared for was how different Rotface was compared to when Jasra's running it.  Healing has its own challenges, foremost being the issue of finding enough time-slots to cast meaningful heals without, well, getting spewed on, eaten by slimes, or getting bits rained down on ya.

The number of times that Jas has gone down to one of those – or running  through slime pools – exceeds the number of times we have downed Rotface.

As a DPS, though, my focus broadened, and suddenly these sort of issues just kinda went away. Oh, sure, I got hurled on a couple of times, but I was already on my way out of it at that point.

I suppose there is comfort in the familiar, and I've never stopped being a Hunter at heart.

So, we one-shot the dude, which brings our Rotface kills as a guild to 3. Go us.

Putri, well, I learned a harsh lesson here. Actually, one harsh and one not so much. The harsh lesson is that my DPS was not up to that boss – we rarely had time to put some damage on Putri before the next ooze was up. They needed to come down a lot faster, and I felt my lack of output on those guys. I had switched to MM to see if it would help, but we called it before I had a chance to test the theory.

Oh – the other lesson? Hunter pets can attack the orange ooze with impunity.

Flora's got this gods-awful long post she's been fighting with all week, if she's lucky it'll get posted this weekend. If not, it may get tossed. Let's just say, the stuff being removed from CATA isn't so bad if you apply a little bit of context.