Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have a confession to make.

Come in, come in. Have a seat.

:: checks outside door ::

:: closes door and latches it ::

OK, so there's been much talk in the past over how some people – sad, sad, people – are fixated on total DPS contribution in raids.

I have, in the past, claimed – rightfully so! – that it's less a matter of your raw DPS as much as how much enjoyment you get from the game.

They have claimed – as they are wont to do – that currently, Marksman is the best of all DPS builds, and that Beast Mastery was not – oh, hold me down!viable for raiding.

I have claimed – again, rightfully! – that as long as you're within a certain margin – not so much an absolute number – that it's all right to take your big dinosaur into ICC to nom nom nom on Arthas.

Now then.

Let me make it plain that in the past, I have dual-specced into Survival, just to test the waters and understand the dynamics between the two specs. By and large, it had better DPS, but not enough to get me all excited. But the point is, I've done it, and I'm not going to deny it.

This all by way of saying that … I specced MM. Worse, really. I've been raiding as MM!

I know, I'm was as shocked as you were when I found out. But there you have it.

Surprisingly, I've done a lot better than I expected to. I've gotten past the point where Triumph badges will help, is part of it, but also … MM does deliver some nice numbers.

I'm going to run this a couple more times, then switch back to BM to settle the matter as much as possible. We'll see how this goes.

Extra ale in the corner. Help yourself. I'll have one, too.

This confession stuff is serious business.