Thursday, May 13, 2010


Thanks to Zel @ Murloc Parliment (1), I gained use of some tools (2) that would let me import the old site over to here (3).

The bad news: images and labels did NOT make it over, so I have roughly 450 posts to hand-edit.

I can either post them all as is, or focus on fixing them one at a time.


(1) Hope you don't mind me calling you out for being awesome, Zel :)

(2) Don't let the comments throw you; be of chill, relax, go to the AppEngine version of the one you need (read README for URLs) and follow the instructions therein. It warns of a 1 MB limit but it handled my 2.6 MB just fine.

(3) Note to self: find footnote addon. Is there?