Sunday, April 4, 2010

This is my world: 4/4/10

The night be with you, my friends. As with the now-established tradition, today I speak for the clan and observe that which has gone down in the blogosphere. Either Meta hasn't been paying much attention, or there hasn't been a lot to get our attention. No matter. There were a couple of events that we did want to share, however.
  • eyonix First, a note about the passing of the Community Manager known as Eyonix, leaving Blizzard to pursue other interests - what interests, we may never know - they're not too blabby over there. Eyonix is immortalized in-game as the friendly innkeeper at Stormspire.
  • To balance that, today we found that Cranky Healer had rejoined us with a new blog with a slightly different focus. Given the treatment that she endured before at the hands of ... not so honorable beings, this is a brave thing indeed, and we welcome her back at the Parliament of Murlocs. If you attend, be respectful. We were kind about the miscreants, last time. We didn't have to be, and simply have no patience for them this time around.

I'm picking up where lady Faiella left off last week for our updated blogroll. She asks that I thank those that commented back in appreciation - the pleasure is all ours.
  • The Blog of Baron Soosden is just what it says, but you may not be familiar with the gent. He's one of the preeminent Machinima developers / artists out there right now. While he really isn't that big on WoW right now, his work deserves a callout, at least. Besides, I've found some most excellent Techno via his vids. His Unlimited Escapism vids are probably what got me back into the game in the first place. His appreciation for the beautiful world around him got my attention and gave me a new perspective on the game.
  • Darraxus the Warrior has quickly become a favorite around here for his unmitigated and unapologetic take on all things tankish, as well as wowish. Possibly my favorite recently was one dealing with guilds, and blogging about guilds, and eating a big fat bowl of ... well, go read for yourself.  NSFW if you have the tendency to yell out HELLS YEAH! when people make a whole lot of sense.
  • Dechion's Place is a mostly hunterish blog with altish overtones, a little like here but more inclined to go hunter, though the sidetracks can be delightful.
  • Destructive Reach is another of those blogs that we've followed forever but oddly never put on the blogroll. We resolve this issue now, and apologize to all concerned for the oversight. As Lady Flora will point out, a warlock should be opinionated, and Lady Saresa has it covered. So, you want to blog? is a full-coverage approach to introduce you to the vital concepts concerned with the topic, though later some cromulent bolt-ons to this article were added in an appropriate fashion. Again, HELLS YEAH inducing.
  • Don't Let Me Die! Oh, wait ... is a great little blog by Daraxxus' sister. We here at GT are all about the family thing, and so we approve. This appears to be a Healadin blog (the name gave it away, didn't it?). Also, there are vids of Daraxxus tanking. Loves it. Also? Makes Jong look less lonely.
  • Empowered Fire is possibly one of the best blog names ever for the blog it is. The tagline says it all: "Mages and feminism in World of Warcraft."  I miss the header artwork from before the remodeling, it had playful overtones that made me smile - what appeared to be an exasperated Gnome mage and her human counterpart amused at same. Nevertheless. While maging is covered in many ways, feminism is not directly targeted all the time, so I am glad to see it is, here. What? You don't have to be a girl to think that such things are important, you know. A recent post leans heavily in this direction, highlighting the women of WoW's blogs. Lest you think it is a one trick pony, though, we have also an excellent and current guide to raiding as a mage. Illume is all over this, except of course she's sticking with Frost until the cows come home. I can't figure mages, sometimes. At any rate, this covers spec, addons, equipment, gems, enchants - the whole thing.

Next week, Kutath will pop his totems and gather up the next handful of new additions to the sidebar. Until then, be of peace, always.