Friday, April 2, 2010

So. I raided.

Getting back into the game, I was asked to come in for ICC, VoA, and Ulduar runs.  Not Jas ... me. There seems to be the impression that healing burnout is to blame for Meta's attitude, which isn't the case.  Sure, variety makes things more interesting, but if the same downer influences are present, it doesn't matter if I'm topping off your health bar or blowing the bejeezus out of a boss.

That I've been reduced to raider level and not restored to officer is in fact helping, since the major downer influence resides therein. And that's all I have to say on the matter.

Back to the raiding thing, though.

As one might suspect, humble pie is served in family-sized portions here. My DPS is generally on the bottom of the DPS brackets, and that's with several ICC5 drops to my name. I'm currently running BM; 3.5K sustained DPS is low end for ICC10 gearing.  It's still leaps and bounds beyond what I was doing pre-ICC, but when the GM's mage is 1500K ahead of you on a bad day, it shows.  The healer that replaced Jas is run by the guy that usually brings his fully geared Hunter to the show, which is probably 1500 DPS that we're missing.

So yeah, it shows on fights like Saurfang.

I am fairly pleased that we got to Saurfang, though. Last week, during the break, apparently it didn't go so well. One player commented to me that they missed Jas' healing there - which I kinda doubted since he's one to always think more healz is the solution - but this week, with actually one less healer, we did fine. Thus my skepticism over the 'moar healz' approach.

When going from a healer to DPS, it's pretty scary. This is why Meta likes all the roles - learning all gives you insight as to what challenges each faces. However, when you're as rusty as I am, the challenges are even greater.

So, one thing that DPS critics will never truly acknowledge is that DPS is a lot of work. They think all you do is sit around and faceroll shadowbolt or frostfire or steady shot, but there's actually a lot to do, which is one reason I've always enjoyed being a Hunter because there's (well, used to be, anyway) more to do than most DPS classes. Even with CC being a lesser concern these days, there is much running around and burning down of adds to attend to. Of course, most DPS will lament that this gives an advantage to melee DPS since they don't have to switch off that much, but I'm willing to give them the opportunity for epeen - they have it pretty rough, being what they are and all.

These fights are, of course, grounds for my heart to start racing and my hand to tremble just a little.  Jas has been in these fights, with Jas' focus. The wider view required of a DPS has not been there. So there have been a few "OK, what do I do for this one?" moments.  And quite a few fails, though fewer than I feared.  There are just some basics that you always attend to as a Hunter, such as using your pet to de-web people, not standing in stuff, and so forth.  I was especially happy with my Emalon performance, though I saw room for improvement.  ICC10's first three bosses went well for me. Ulduar ... now there's a tough one. Partly because we have run that one less than any set of instances in WotLK, and partly due to my own unfamiliarity with the fights as a DPS, it was rocky and stayed that way.  True, we were 9-manning and one of the DPS (me) wasn't really bringing his "A" game, but it's sobering to be reminded that this isn't an easy instance by a long shot.

The GM wants to complete Ulduar, and I am in complete agreement. Getting people to come play may be difficult, though, since it's so huge.  A recent post by Hydra reminded me that we CAN extend the ID as much as we want on Ulduar, so I see no reason not to complete it.

I want that Starcaller title, too.