Monday, April 26, 2010

On blowing stuff up, and other matters.

Prior to taking my first timid steps into the land of PUG Madness, I swapped back over to the Destro spec to practice with it a bit. Having run around with Fred the Felguard all this time, I'd forgotten that Destro locks aren't totally glass cannons. The snare I have built in to my Conflag generally means I get off an Immolate, Conflag, and one Incinerate before the mob wilts, still trying to get to me.  So that's nice.

My PUG runs started with me at around 2300 dps but after that I got enough Triumph badges to get my T9 chest. That's taken me to the 2500-2600 range, which is really nice to see.

Another topic ...

I was reviewing my history and re-read the part about how the Draenai aren't actually from Draenor at all. They're from Argus. And who else is from Argus?  That's right, all things demon-ish!

So why can't I banish space goats like I can any other demon? Why do they con as humanoids?

For that matter, instead of what we currently do for our succubus, why can't we just go over the Azuremyst Isle and take our pick from the ones dancing on top of the mailboxes?   I can't speak for all female warlocks out there, but some of us might want something a little more ... substantial ... at the end of the whip, anyway.