Monday, April 19, 2010

I beg your pardon for a moment of self-indlugence

Us Hunters get fairly well attached to our pets, and for good reason, as they are a major contributor to our success in any fight, whether it's a bear tank helping us tear through the countryside without a scratch, or a cunning raptor snipping apart opponents in PvP, or a sleek and powerful cat slicing and dicing from the shadows before anyone even knows what hit them.  Our pets are our hallmarks. Even melee hunters!

In "real life", Meta is a bit on the "allergic" side of the spectrum when it comes to most pets, including kitties, and yet around 15 years ago, he was adopted by a sweet, opinionated, loving kitty named "Kaley".  She was the queen of the house, the Boss, She Who Must Be Obeyed, and yet she rewarded those that accepted her supremacy with cuddles, purrs, and overall cuteness.

No doubt you noticed the past tense. This weekend, she passed away in my sweetie's arms.  To borrow one of my favorite lines from Red Dwarf, Alexander the Great's mouser has gone to join her master.

So he better look out.

PS: that is NOT my Hello Kitty poster. Just so's we're clear on that.