Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is My World: 3/7/2010

Oh, great - Grimm's making us all take turns at this. Says it'll be nice to see some of us that don't talk much, get face time. Bah, and all that good stuff. My face is fine where it is.

An Eh Way. Here's what interested us during the week. Your mileage may vary.
  • Tamarind find out that blogging and being in a guild is a difficult situation, and takes the nuclear option. Fortunately for us, he's still blogging. Unfortunately for him, being in a guild may be an incompatible goal. :(  Later on, Larisa riffs on the subject in more detail.
  • What do you want to bet that either Curse or WoWInterface use this opportunity to talk more trash about WoWMatrix?  Cheap shots, we haz them.
  • Now that we've sorted out how to control gravatar images for the various characters, Meta has started replying to some blog posts in-character.  This can only end in tears...
  • Eyonix lays it on us with regards to how our stats are going to change in Cataclysm. There were a few surprises (Weapons skills going away completely - ORLY?) and some tantalizing hints (Reforging).  Possibly the most annoying side effect of this was that ran a full article for every variation of "Stat and System Changes for $SPEC_AND_VARIATION $CLASS.  I think they even ran one for pipe-smoking lesbian Nelf priests, specifically.
  • Last week, Baron Soosdon's Youtube account was suspended, and that, as he said, was that - end of the road, no more WoW machinama for him. But then, this morning, a miracle - the account restored, so therefore .... meh, he's probably still calling it quits. Way to be a tease there, fella.  And, nevertheless, thanks for all the great stuff. I will miss it.
  • A good laugh every now and then is essential to the soul. No Stock UI highlights one tool that can be used towards this end - Comix.
  • Digressing from lore-restricted issues for a moment, Greyseer explains why he isn't a big Knaak fan. He also demonstrates exactly why he'd make a great warlock.  He has his inner Palpatine charged up.  Later in the week, a review of Knaak's latest work.  The reasons for Grayseer's frustration are really obvious when you get a look at this thing.  I really can't disagree on any point.
  • Kaelynn at Azure Shadows provides some great non-specific tips for putting together your UI - design decisions, usability, that sort of thing. I can't say I live up to all that - my UI is SERIOUSLY functional, meeting the feedback criteria quite well, but esthetically it could peel paint off a '79 Volvo wagon from fifty paces.  I'll work on it, K, I promise! :)
  • Gnomageddon ruminates about the departures from the blogosphere that we've seen recently - and ends with reassurances that he'll be sticking around for some time to come. Yay!  Also: one of the commenters raises the question: what about Empowered Fire? They've been quiet!  Hours later - an answer! :D
  • Part 2 in a series: Frost Mage PvP: 102 is posted by Spicytuna. \o/
  • Sweet baby titans! has apparently cobbled together the basic script for the upcoming Gnomeregan event from the updated sound files in the PTR client's latest update. Spoiler-rific!  Apparently there's one for the Echo Isles, too, but I haven't got much invested in that. Aw, hell, WHO WANTS PIE?
  • Tamarind @Righteous Orbs and Miss Medicina @ ... Miss Medicina are colluding on a new project, the creation of a bloggish guild on Argent Dawn.  Tam has organized < Single Abstract Noun > on AD/EU, and Miss Medicina has organized < Single Abstract Noun > on AD/US.  We plan to be there in some form, just haven't figured out what to roll, or if I'm going to transfer Grimm Jr or the belf flower picker warlock.  You'll see it here, first, when  we decide!