Monday, March 29, 2010

This is My World: 3/28/10

Well, the news is that we're stepping tentatively back into Azeroth after over a week off, at least one missed raid, and one security scare. Since we've not been paying much attention to what's going on around here, the linkage is thin. Aunt Flora did want to make sure I showed you this one, though
As promised last week, now that we've pruned the dead sites from the blogroll, time to counter that with the new. There have been a LOT of new blogs opened lately; anyone that thinks that WoW blogging is going away is not paying much attention. I'm not going to draw out those that are. All of these are new to the blogroll, though they've been in our feed reader for a while.
  • 4 Haelz is that other sort of healing blog - Druids.  This one's been around for a while now but I somehow overlooked linking it.
  • A Moonkin's View of Azeroth is a nice little boomkin (and maybe bear) / diary kind of blog, sort of like we do here - except they got personality, and we got Grimm.
  • Achtung Panzercow is a highly enthusiastic take on warrior tanking. It has flair. It has wit. It has a cow wearing plate armor. What's not to like? One of the best posts recently is on how to start the dreaded heroic pug process. It's worth a read no matter what your role.
  • How is it possible that Armaggeddon's Coming has just now appeared on our blogroll? Mainly, sheer jealousy. Gnomeaggeddon's got style, class, PvP moves, and chicks - lots and lots of belf chicks hanging off his stubby little arms. Have a look at why he's one of the most beloved and desired by either gender, any race.
  • Azure Shadows is the first of many that I hesitate to classify because I can't quite tell, and I don't want to offend. So, if it's wrong, blame me and let me know, but I think we did all right.  We linked to an article recently on general UI theory that we really liked. Lots of great potential here.
  • Beneath Two Skies just recently came out of hiatus, which is a rare and wonderful thing.  We've been follwing Rho around on Twitter for ages, and it paid off well. The blog appears a bit RP-ish, or something, but whatever it is, I really like.  Take the most recent entry:  "I love the way Darnassus whispers in the rain. "  <3 <3 <3
  • Casual Huntering is another one that the author's been in our twitter feed for-ev-ar and just didn't get any lurves. Sorry about that. The most recent article strikes close to the heart of one of Grimmtooth's main complaints about BM huntering - Blizz's intentional nerf of the Spirit Beast.
This is going to be broken up over two or more of us. Next week, Slithmere will pick up where I've left off.