Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is my world: 3/21/10

Uh, hello? Sorry to be away for so long, but have you seen the library in Dalaran? Or the one in the Inscription center? It's amazing!  Did you know there are actually 13 species of Frost Lotus in Northrend?  I've seen all but the Ulduar variant! I could spend months there.  Oh, wait ...

Well - anyway - here are a few things that caught our interest this week:
  •  claims another victory, at our expense. :(   /LooksAtTwitter ... well, maybe not.
  • Cranky Healer proposes a RP challenge (Yes, the link's broken. Nuclear option was taken.) for <SAN>.  This is met with a strongly worded rebuttal which lead to dozens of ugly comments, and eventually CH takes the nuclear option. Poo. Boy, I'm glad I'm not on an RP serv- :: Little Grymm /waves :: - oh, kittens.  Anyway, point being: don't be a dick. Thanks to some serious overreactions, we've lost something precious. /shame
  • Bellwether @ 4 Haelz is back! :D
  • Dechion's taking a break.
  • Blizzard has released official info on the Gnomeregan and Echo Isle campaigns, here's a link to that captures both on one place. This awakens memories as well as resolve in Hydra's mind.
  • Speaking of, a fine article on dealing with people undercutting on the AH concludes: stop whining and either buy them out or undercut them yourself. Besides, if you're stupid enough to price that glyph at 75g, I'll be happy to drink your milkshake.
  • Mania's running a contest - Hunter pet haiku!  /kermit YAY!
And now the sad work of clearing out the blogroll. It's possible that some of these are in error, so if you spot an error, let me know: [grimmtooth+illume at gmail dot comm].
  • WoW Reputation Calculator seems to have fallen out of favor with its creator, so we're forced to drop it as well. Fortunately, a number of good addons fill in. Farewell!
  • A little WoW for me now goes to one of those infamous default search pages. Blog gone, domain gone.
  • While not gone, I recommend that any RSS (AKA feed reader) followers of Binary Colors refresh the feed. While you can't stop the signal, a change of domain will stop the feed. There are definately articles there that haven't been appearing in the feed. (yes, we just refreshed.)
  • Claymore Hill now requires a password to view. Never a good sign.
  • Girl Meets WoW hasn't updated in almost 2 years. Never a good sign. Removed from blogroll, but not the feedreeder. You never know.
  • Sword & Sorcery decided to nuke its blog and go to a new blog. A shame, since there was, like, two trillion years' worth of archives there beforehand. /sad
  • Laser Chicken has been dead for almost a year.
  • Unbearably HoT called it in October 09, but officially announced it 01/10.
  • Forebearance closed its doors recently - for the second time. One note here, if you only look at the site, you'll have missed at least one post from Jong that stayed up long enough to get picked up by feedreaders - and then nuked from orbit. This is a Jong trademark, and I can only assume he thinks he gets a nickel every time someone subscribes to his feed. I won't discourage that view.
  • Mana Battery Bitch has been offline since October 2008 and at this point I suspect it won't be back, due to real life events.
  • In what is possibly one of the saddest moments of our blogging life, it's time to remove The Egotistical Priest from our blogroll. Fortunately, Ego is still blogging, though in lesser, subservient, form (see above!).
  • The Life of a Rogue Named Gweedo has moved from Blogspot to Wordpress. Hasn't posted in a while, but it's less than a year. We cast a wide net.
OK, that's it for the removals. Next week, Fai will highlight new additions - fair enough, her being the newest addition to the group, herself.