Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is my world: 3/14/10

Bother.  My turn in the anchor seat, I see.  Well, if it makes the old dwarf happy, who am I to stand in the way?  Just remember that all things have a price, Dwarf.
  • Frostheim makes a brave attempt to highlight why MM is better than BM using numbers, but, as Grimm points out over there, falls short of producing numbers that can be fully trusted due to various statistical anomalies. As we've all experienced, numbers on target dummies can vary wildly from one run to the next, so one must do what one can to smooth out the lumps - this usually involves more samples. Hopefully he'll get better numbers. We've no doubt he's right in principle, but the numbers themselves raise many questions. So we'll see.
  • Ego has returned to blogging, kind of. And the peasants rejoiced.
  • Larisa rediscovers joy of one sort.
  • User registration has been closed. We initially had it open for people that had no other sort of account to register with, but based on the large number of non-participating users created here, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume they were spammers using this go get around some sort of security thing. All non-participating accounts have been purged. If you are one of them and think I've made a mistake, let me know: (grimmtooth+floramel at gmail dot com).
  • Eyonix lays it on us again with an overview of the Mastery system. I expected a week-long spate of "Mastery and $SPEC $CLASS" posts from Like, at least, 30. Assuming they didn't split such things as feral-cat and feral bear and demon-meta versus demon-emberstorm.  Pageviews are pageviews, after all.  Surprisingly, they didn't. Maybe they do listen to feedback.
  • First I was happy that The Scout Report updated again. But then it stopped again. And now I'm sad. Come back to us, Scout!  "So I sort of hit Tyrande Whisperwind in the mouth." How many webcomics go there, huh?
  • Dawn Moore at earns my love and admiration by posting Stat and System Changes for Basic Campfire.

Speaking of the blogosphere, a quick glance at our blogroll shows a lot of zombies. Next week, Illume will go down the line to let you know who voted themselves off the island. Assuming we can get her out of the library.