Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On taking first steps

For now, our break is over, and we're all getting back into the daily routine.  For the past few days I've been the group's focus toon, and I've been cranking out quests as fast as possible, getting close to done with most of them.

I also was the first among us to try the random dungeon without a guild-based safety net.  This was frightening.

Two things.

1) My DPS, for all that I'm toting around greens, quest blues, and one or two crafted epics, is around the 2500-3000 range.  I was taken aback by this. Frost, after all, is not known as the premier DPS build.   I don't know what, exactly, this means, but I surely won't turn it down.

2) Over three days, I participated in three very hurried, but mostly uneventful PUGs. There was no asshattery, at least none overt.   I always threw down the table, was often thanked, and at the end we usually exchanged "good run."

I can hope it will always be that way.

I have no illusions. I am not saying "so where are all the failpugs?"  I know they are out there. I am not saying otherwise. I am merely ... sharing my amazement that I'm 0/3 on failpug.  Here's hoping my luck holds out indefinately.