Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pew RAWR Pew

Frostheim's article notwithstanding, I've gone back to BM for heroics and the like since, despite his opinions and samplings, my purely empirical tests show that, with the gear I have, BM gives me moar Dee Pee Ess. Oh, I'm sure that he's right in the long run, but re-gemming and re-enchanting on faith is an expensive proposition. All that RAP replaced with AGI is pretty much what it comes down to.

Geared as I am, however (including - dear me! - one green trinket!) I'm hitting close to 3K nowadays. I am as surprised as most at that turn of events, it wasn't that long ago that 2K was hard to sustain.

Laser Kitty still isn't cutting it for the big numbers, though. I am sad at this.

On a related front, I am going to rename my stompasaurus from "Reaganomics" to "RawrRawrRawr", I swear. Everyone that gets it, has gotten it, and the ones that don't, aren't going to.

Flora can keep her evil jello mold. I found something a lot nicer laying around old Strat.

Slowly, the truth rears its ugly head.

I'm a mount whore.