Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One and a half things about pets

Grimm noticed this first, but it's hit me, too.  The (Valentine's day) Apothecary bosses are just horrible on pets. Grimm at least has a HoT heal for his (that also cleanses). Phil the Phelguard doesn't have a chance. I was able to recover slightly by bringing out Iggy the Imp and, as long as he followed me, keep him alive.

What this fight does is highlight what someone else was saying elsewhere; Blizz is making it hard on our pets, and for those of us for which pets are significant (hello, BM Hunters and Demon Warlocks!), this causes a major drop in our usefulness to the team.

So much for "Avoidance is the answer".

Moving on.

I'd like to introduce you to Squicky, isn't he the cutest lil thing? His hobbies include eating rats, moles, mice, small cats, and beagles when he's really hungry (and really big).  I like hanging out in the tram station with him just to watch him chase the rats.