Thursday, February 25, 2010

I haven't been totally slacking off

Despite rumors to the contrary, I have not been sitting in a bar sulking over drinks.  Our guild has need of a healer. I serve the guild as a healer. It's that simple.

So, for the past few nights, we have been working on Marrowgar-10. To "real" raiders, we fail, right there. To "casual" types, maybe there's a small reason for respect. And of course there is a whole spectrum in between. Hello.

It seems like forever that we have been fighting this boss. And this week seemed like any other. Two or three bone storms, and we're all dead on the floor. Same as always.

Last night, our esteemed MT (Have I mentioned how fortunate we were to find him when we did? Not only has he been a boon to our guild, but he brought another tank, a great DPS shammi, and a few other assorted players with him as well.) spoke up about the need for DPS to hold off until the tanks had achieved aggroage. This is pretty basic, and a good sign as to what sort of challenges our tanks face every day. That being said, once the obvious was pointed out and emphasized, we started to make real progress. Last night, we left the place with Marrowgar 39K away from downage. It was heartbreak, for sure, but also the best we had ever done, and we were as a group energized to try again the next night.

That being tonight.

There were two key pieces to success:

  1. Let the tank tank.
  2. During bone storm, you're on your own. Don't stand in stuff, and don't worry so much about the flurry (Consider this to be a grown-up version of Heigan, with actual damage during the dance.).
That's it.

With that simple approach, we were able to gel on the strategy around the 3rd or 4th try tonight, and kill that four-headed freak with no casualties on our side.

Well done, vorpal bunnies!

Naturally, what's-her-face pwned us. But that's par for the course on a brand new boss. As with all progression raids, the challenge is in the next boss, not the one you just downed.