Friday, February 26, 2010

Howto: Multiple Personality Tricks and Tips

To make it clear: all the voices on this blog live in the same head. The blog subtitle should give it away, but in case that wasn't clear...

Still, we try to make it flow as if there were a team of distinct individuals living and blogging here. It's a little game, of sorts, that may or may not have some intrinsic value, at least to me. :)

The one thing that kills this suspension of disbelief - for me, anyway - is posting an entry as, say, Flora, getting comments, and then seeing my mustachioed countenance looking back from her comment box. Well, that's my gravatar, what am I to do?

Gravatars are cool, but they're tied to email addresses, and I'm not that thrilled by obtaining and maintaining twelve (at current count) email addresses.

GMail, however, for whatever reason, has an answer.

If you look at the most recent post, you'll notice that Jasra's responded to one comment, and she has her own gravatar. If you had admin access, like I do, you'd see that she has an unusual email address: grimmtooth+jasra at gmail. This is my email - grimmtooth at gmail - with her name added with a plus sign.

Turns out you can do that with any name, and most email-keyed services do indeed see these different email addresses as unique to each other. Thus, Flora and Jas both currently have gravatars, and more will be added as needed. They could even have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts if I really wanted to get silly.

There are other benefits, too. For example, I can filter emails to my toons based on the to-address, and then sort them accordingly.

Naturally, this assumes you use gmail. If not, you're on your own.

I hope this proves useful to some of the other bloggish-rp-ish beings out there. Happy blogging!