Sunday, January 17, 2010

This giggle brought to you by the letter "P"

I'm running through Un'goro trying to finish off the "To all the critters I've loved before" achievement, looking desperately for a parrot, and bombing out.  Suddenly, my sweetie, who was watching over my shoulder, yelled "THERE'S ONE!"

Parrot, Pterrordorax ... both have wings, right?

"And," I added, "they both begin with the same letter!"

This was not taken in the spirit offered. :)


Incidentally, the comments on WoWHead indicate that if you kill snakes, parrots will spawn in their place. So much for my "egg" theory.  But, I dutifully killed off every snake I saw, and when I returned to my starting point, a parrot was flapping around in the same location ... so there might be something to it.