Friday, January 22, 2010

First-Best Love

Can you feel it? It is calling in the air.

I'm not naming names. I'm not even promising to be true to the gender involved. I'm not trying to start a fight. I am making an observation. Kapitch?

What happened to me this morning is that I was reading what is considered by all to be a well-informed, rounded blog specific to one specific class.  I have been reading that blog for some time. But, today, for whatever reason, I while I was reading it, I realized, of a sudden, that I had no idea - none at all - if the author was actually enjoying the activities described therein, or if it was just another notch, just another boss, just another data point.

And that got me thinking.

What's your first-best love?

Do you play the class you love the most, or do you play a class or spec that is needed, for whatever reason, more than your favorite?

If you blog about this silly game, do you blog about what you do, or what you want to do?

I'm reminded of the blogger that most influenced me at first, the guy that taught me that it was good to be enthusiastic and happy and, well, maybe even gush a little about how much fun he was happening.  BRK may be gone, but he is not forgotten, and the post that most reminds me of the outright fun he brought to the game would be the time he had Hobbes tanking the adds in the Moroes encounter.

He was analytical. He was helpful. But, most of all, he was having a hella good time.

He not only helped me enjoy the game ... he got me to start playing the game again. I had quit. Deleted all my toons. I was just reading because WoW was, still, interesting in some way (I actually found him via, so let it never be said that they don't have their moments).  But this guy's enthusiasm and joy in what he was doing drove home an important lesson to me - It's a game! Have some fun, FFS!

When I tanked one of the Four Horsemen in Naxx, I had that in mind. This is how we huntard, babee! Bringing you Pewpew and RAWR in one handsome package! If I had Megan's soul (No, not the ones in her shard bag!), I'd even do a song about it! Alas, the best you get from me is fish puns, and links to people with actual talent. :)

Contemplate, for a moment, this post's titular question.

Frustration and sadness arise when you are kept from what you love. You may have a sense of duty, or loyalty, or something else, that drives you to do that which you do not enjoy as much.  Sometimes, we all have to be "grownups" and do what needs to be done, indeed! But if you don't recognize that which makes you tick, and embrace it, and nurture it ... what kind of experience do you believe you will get from this game?

I firmly believe that if you aren't having fun, it's not a game. It's a job, and probably one with no pay.
Now that this love has overcome me ...
Now that this fire is burning bright ...
All of these words seem just beyond my reasoning.
Be still my soul ...