Saturday, November 7, 2009

Would it be too much to ask for?


Yeah, man?

Our DPS is lower than usual - like, a lot!

Why is that, boss?

I don't know! Yesterday we were doing 2200+, now we're doing 1700. And I changed nothing!

Well why don't you look at the logs?

I was afraid you'd say that.

OK, let's see here ... :: shuffle shuffle shuffle ::

Uh ... Stompy?

Yeah, man.

You saw that other hunter in the group?

Yeah, man. Survival spec, Naxx epics. He pwnzored you.

Yeah, yeah. But did you see his pet?

Yeah, man. Wolf. The latest and greatest, the new hawtness, the sizzle fo shizzle.

Did you notice ...  his DPS?

No ... lemme look.

... wow.

Yeah. A Survival Hunter's non-exotic pet out-dps'd you.  Any idea why?

I ... oh, look.

You have "Bite" turned off, boss man.

What?! I didn't turn it off!

You KNOW that this keeps happening. Why don't you check first when you go into an instance?

Well, I was kind of hoping for a little help from my big galoot of a partner, if not at least from some engineer in Anaheim.

You work with engineers. What are the odds?


Oy. You're right.


Seriously? Blizz? Fix this!