Sunday, November 1, 2009

We is what we is

Well, last night's third ever Ulduar raid was an exemplar of how our guild can take something that's working great, and make it go awry.

After one-shotting Loot Leviathan twice, the last thing you'd expect is for us to wipe two or three times, and the one where we won was a just-barely affair. But there you have it. Typical of how we do things sometimes. Similar to the Naxx before last where we stalled on Grobbulus - almost the same crowd put him down like a bad habit the next week. When we have off nights, we have off nights.

People were late. People were dropping offline. People had places to be with the kids, were distracted, or otherwise ... meh. One guy had a shooting on his street AND his cousin die within the same hour, and the hunter's cable modem had to be reset by his ISP. We spent longer looting Leviathan than we did on the whole gauntlet.

XT and Metalbird were oneshot. I got a nice bracer off of Razordrake, too.

Did we attempt Ignis? What,  are we stupid? I swear, if the boss had suggested that, I would have possibly run for the hills. Fortunately for my sanity, we had to call it early so that people could take the kids out trick or treating.

This was very frustrating from a healing perspective. Metaldrake was almost a wipe since everyone thought that that blue crap was a great place to stand, and "healing through it" was becoming less of an option by the second as my mana bar headed for the basement. Early on I had to make a choice between a retpalli that knew better and the MT. I finally had to blurt out on Vent, DON'T STAND IN BLUE STUFF, GUYS!  I probably should have added YOU KNOW BETTER but I didn't.

I want to go stand at the far end of the circle, where the guides show, but I'm not convinced everyone's playing by that same game plan, so I'm worried that I'll cause a wipe if I do.

Maybe I'll just say screw it and do it anyway, and then cajole people into the right places retroactively. Progression means sometimes you wipe.  And if this bunch can't be arsed to watch a video, maybe some pain will convince them.


I finished the evening pleasantly enough, well, the whole crowd did, really, as we made our final attempts at the Big Burning Horsie. It did not show, but the Helm of Even More Awesome Laughter did drop, and our Gnome DK received it. It was the only thing she was looking for.


Ever read the story of the Headless Horseman? It's pretty sad. A knight of the Silver hand, he went mad when he accidentally slaughtered his own family.

He turned against the Scarlet Monastary and was beheaded. But he was reanimated by demonic magic (thus the fel fire), and once a year he is brought back to life to suffer for his attack on the Crusade. During that time, he sees us as walking dead, and believes himself alive.